Portozuelo is an organic small farm where the story of chef Alejandro Ruiz begins.

It is a place where calm prevails, enhanced by the sounds of the fields, and the aromas of our town, where dishes prepared with organic products and cooked with firewood are the essence of Oaxacan cuisine, in the place where chef Alejandro spend his childhood with the Ruiz family.

A healthy lifestyle where the crops of the field are reserved for our restaurants and self-consumption.



Friday of Barbacoa, Saturdays of Carnitas and Sundays of Barbacoa.

Stews and Traditional Snacks.



Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm


Enjoy our local cuisine prepared by the collective of traditional cooks of our organic garden.

Share amazing food with a good mezcal, cocktails and soft drinks prepared with fresh ingredients from our crops.


BREAKFAST (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Cost per person from 10am to 12:45pm 280.00 MXN

*Includes hot drinks



LUNCH (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Cost per person from 1pm to 6pm 380.00 MXN

*Carnitas, Biuses, Chicharrón, Barbacoa, Consomé, Stews, and Traditional Snacks available at this time.


More information and reserves at 951 188 7887 or 951 308 8677



· From 10 to 80 people 

· Contact us for more information

· Minimum ten days in advance



To guarantee the best event, we include our catering services with the menu and drinks that you choose from our Casa Oaxaca restaurants.


We will always recommend dishes considering seasonality of ingredients. We give priority to the use of traditional cooking techniques and truly organic products.

In addition to these activities, our small farm guarantees the supply of fresh products, always grown with our best organic processes including the composting of our waste as a restaurant group.

Portozuelo complements all the flavors produced by the kitchens of our Casa Oaxaca and Oaxacalifornia restaurants.
Calle Unión s/n
La Raya, Zimatlán de Álvarez,
Oaxaca, México

Portozuelo, Alejandro Ruiz busca volver a sus orígenes
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Contact us through the following phones
+52 (951) 188 7887
+52 (951) 308 8677
You can also write us to

Don't forget to indicate the date and the number of people that will attend your event.